Income Certificate Certified Translation in Shanghai

Shanghai Certified Translation

Certified Translation Widely Accepted

We understand most of certificates translation will be delivered to relevant entities like embassies, consulate, schools, notary public, government bodies etc.

Our certified translation copies with the seal of our domestic translation company in mainland China are accepted by these organizations, in most occasions.



Safe and Fast Delivery

If you need hard copies, basically for normal orders, our turnaround time will be 48 hours before you get the document.

If you only need electronics versions, the regular turnaround time is 24 hours.

The above is for clients in Shanghai, for other cities in China, there will be normally one more day on road.

Shanghai Certified Translation


  • Scan your certificate(s) or take pictures of them (it)
  • Submit the inquiry form below
  • Confirm the quotation and Pay for the order
  • Delivery of the Document


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